ANU Kendo Club

Under-18s Training

Canberra Kenyukai

Kendo literally means ‘The Way of the Sword’ (Ken: sword + Do: way). Kendo is one of Japan’s oldest martial arts, and the one most closely associated with the Samurai. The concept of kendo is to discipline the human spirit through the principles of the katana (Japanese sword).

Membership of Canberra Kenyukai (sword friendship club) is open to students under 18 years of age and to adults. Canberra Kenyukai is administered by the ANU Kendo Club. Classes are held on Saturdays from 10:30am – 12:00pm during school terms (ACT), unless otherwise notified, at the ANU Sports Centre, alongside ANU Kendo Club training.

Students are introduced to the basics of kendo, including dojo safety and etiquette, holding a shinai (bamboo sword), on guard posture, footwork, and basic striking. Shinai are supplied by the club, and students can wear comfortable clothing such as a tracksuit for their first class. Kendo is practiced barefoot and uniforms and armour are available on loan as students progress. Parents are expected to remain in the training hall for the duration of training.

Course fees and insurance
Fees are $70 per school term, and are payable by the first class of each term. There is no charge for the first training which is provided as an introductory session.

Fees include membership to the ACT Kendo Renmei (ACTKR) and the Australian Kendo Renmei (AKR). The AKR is affiliated with the International Federation of Kendo (FIK). Membership of these associations provides limited insurance coverage, access to kendo events and an internationally recognized grading system.

All AKR affiliated clubs and instructors operate in accordance with the AKR Rules and Policies, including the Member and Child Protection policies. These can be accessed at the following web site:

The primary instructors are:

•    David Cunningham, 5 dan kendo, Level 0 Kendo instructor accreditation, Working with Vulnerable People registration and  First Aid certification

•    Joachim (Joe) Semmler, 5 dan kendo, principal instructor of the ANU Kendo Club, Level 3 Kendo instructor accreditation, Working with Vulnerable People registration and First Aid certification.

Address of the training venue
ANU Sport, Building 19, ANU Sport & Recreation Association, North Road
The Australian National University, Acton ACT, Old Hall, Court 2B | 6125 2273 |

Training times
Saturday 10.30 am to 12.00 noon (meet at kendo storeroom at 10.15 am, pack up by 12.15 pm)

Further Information
For further information and an application form, please email