ANU Kendo Club

Club Training

Training Times

The club trains in the Studio 1, also known as the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) and Gym courts at the ANU Sport (ANU Sport and Recreation Association ).
The main training sessions are Tuesday and Thursday; other sessions are informal. Beginners sessions are on Tuesdays.

Formal Training times:

Tuesday & Thursday 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm Studio1/MPR.
Refer to the calendar for specific times, dates and venues

Informal Training times:

Saturday 10:30 am – 12:00 pm Old Court 2
Monday 7-8 am Squash court

Informal training times tend to be senior, higher-level sessions.

Spectators, visitors, new (and old) members are always welcome.
View Dojo location on the ANU campus map (building 19).


Senior instructor:
Joe Semmler 5 Dan Kendo, 2 Dan Iaido,
Level 1 ACCC Accredited Kendo Coach
Assistant instructors:
Darren Boyd 5 Dan Kendo
David Cunningham 5 Dan Kendo

Membership Fees


New students need only pay the Beginner’s course fee. The course is part of the ANU Sport and Recreation Program, and fees are set each semester by the ANU SRA. This fee covers a 12 week introductory course, two of which are run each year, at the start of each semester. Graduates of the Beginners course who wish to continue Kendo are then eligable to join the SRA and ANU Kendo club. Continuing courses may be available to those not eligable to join the SRA – see an executive member if this applies to you. The Beginners Course page has further details.

ANU Sport Membership is a condition of Club membership

ANU students are members though the Student services fee.
Full SRA Membership is $120 annually and is open to students and graduates of most tertiary institutions.
Non-students and non-graduates of tertiary instututions may be eligable for Associate membership, and should approach the ANU Kendo Club Committee to make an application. See the ANU Sport page, Types of Memberships for more details, or enquire at ANU Sport reception.

ANU Kendo Club Membership

Membership of the ANU Kendo Club is conditional on ANU Sport membership and appropriate experience in Kendo, such as graduation from the Beginner’s course.
The Club fee includes insurance and membership of the State Kendo body (ACT Kendo Renmei, or ACTKR), and the National Kendo body, the Australian Kendo Renmei (AKR), which is affiliated with the International Kendo Federation (IKF). Membership permits participation to AKR events such as competitions and an internationally-recognised grading system. Ask the ANU Kendo Club executive for an application form.

The following Club, State and National Renmei fees are payable (and additional $10 fee is levied for first time ACTKR members).


$150 ANU Kendo club fee
$30 Australian Kendo Renmei fee (1 discipline:kendo) New members: $40
$30 ACT Kendo Renmei insurance
$210 TOTAL


$100 ANU Kendo club fee
$30 Australian Kendo Renmei fee (1 discipline:kendo) New members: $40
$30 ACT Kendo Renmei insurance
$160 TOTAL

Equipment loans

The club has a number of sets of bogu (armour) available for club members and visitors. Beginners are able to use club shinai and bokken for the duration of the course. Club equipment is issued on the basis of class size and attendance record.

Club members are expected to supply their own shinai, bokken, hakama and keiko-gi (excluding those partaking in beginners courses).


Visiting kendoka are welcome to train with the club. The club has bogu, hakama, keiko-gi and shinai available for use. Sign-in at the SRA front desk with an executive club member is essential for each casual session. The SRA requires a payment of $10 per casual session to cover insurance. Contact a club executive for details.

Training Aids

A brief description of the Bokuto Kendo Kihon-waza (8kb pdf).