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Beginners Course

Beginner’s Courses (Introduction to Kendo)

Two beginners courses are held annually, commencing around the start of each semester. The courses typically run for 10-12 sessions, with 1 or 1.5 hour classes commencing at 7:30 pm on Tuesday at ANU Sport in Building 19&19a, extending to two hours towards the end of the course as beginners are integrated with senior members during regular training sessions. See below for how to enroll, and view our Events Calendar for the date of the next course.

The Beginner’s courses are designed for adults and university students. The course is not suitable for younger children – please see the Under-18s Training page for information on children’s classes. Please contact if you’re unsure which class is appropriate for you or your child.

The beginners course aims to introduce the basic principles and techniques of kendo, care and use of equipment such as shinai and bogu, and dojo etiquette. The club provides all equipment, and students are requested to wear loose, comfortable clothing or martial arts gear (no watches or jewellery please). At the conclusion of the course, students integrate with general senior training, engage in jigeiko (free sparring), and are encouraged to attempt the first Kendo grading, 6 kyu.

Due to the current interest in kendo and our desire to give beginners our full attention, we are unable accept individuals who miss the start of the course, and recommend they wait until the next course starts.

Enrollments are open to ANU students and persons in the general community.

Enrollments are accepted in person through ANU Sport reception, not through the Kendo Club. ANU Sport is Building 19 and 19A, located next to Willow’s Oval – see map here. The course cost and enrollment details online at

Enrollments commence the week before the University semester begins (ANU O-week), at ANU Sport Reception Desk between 7:00am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday and from 3:00pm and 5:00pm on Saturday & Sunday.  Bookings must be made in person; phone bookings are not accepted. Enrollments are not accepted after the second week of class. To avoid disappointment, please enroll in person during enrollment week.

Full payment must be made at the time of enrollment. Payments will be accepted by cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard and EFTPOS. Enrollments cannot be made on behalf of someone else. Original signatures must be accompanied by enrollment forms for each ANU Sport course.

Conditions of enrollment
1.  Each enrollee warrants that all information supplied in their enrollment is accurate, they are medically able to participate in physical exercise and to use ANU Sport’s facilities, and they are not aware of having any physical or mental condition that may be aggravated through their use of ANU Sport’s facilities.
2.  Each enrollee indemnifies and releases ANU Sport from any claim arising as a result of the enrollee’s use of ANU Sport, its facilities or any advice given except to the extent of the negligence of ANU Sport.
3. Each enrollee uses ANU Sport’s facilities at their own risk.
4. Each enrollee must comply with these conditions, any other rules of use and all directions given by ANU Sport.
5.  Persons under the age of 16 must be accompanied by, and under the supervision of, a parent or legal guardian who is also currently enrolled into the same Program.
6.  Enrollees are given a 7 day cooling off period from the date of signing their enrollment form, during which time they may withdraw and terminate their enrollment. Application for termination must be made in writing to ANU Sport within the cooling off period. An administration fee of $20.00 will apply for any termination. After the cooling off period, this contract is active and enforceable.
7.  ANU Sport means the Australian National University Sport and Recreation Association Inc. (ABN 97 944 298 310)

Public Holidays: Classes are generally not made up should they fall on a public holiday.

Inquiries and Feedback – Please Contact the ANU Sport Reception Desk on:
(02) 6125 2273

For course costs, please contact ANU Sport, and check our Events Calendar for the dates of our next course & sign-up.

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