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NSW Open and ANUKC Christmas Party

ANU members enjoyed a relaxed BBQ and Greg's, after unremarkable results at the NSW State Championships.

Nara-Candle Candle Festival

The Candle Festival was held Saturday 26th September from 3pm-9pm at Nara Park (at the back of the Hyatt Hotel). After the Jodo and Iaido demonstrations, the ANU Kendo Club provided a demo at 5.20pm for 20 minutes, despite icy, gusty conditions. Thanks to Joe (and his son Benjamin), Darren, Brendan, Charlie, Jun and Intaek. For more info see:

Earlier that week, club members demonstrated to for Chief Minister's Department, to provide media footage advertising the event.

ACT Open

The ANUKC hosted the ACT Open on 5-6 September, which drew a good showing from Sydney. The approach to competition was friendly but keen, drawing high-spirited play. (See program details here ).


Kyu Grade Individuals:

1st Joon Bong Kwon (DHMK)
2nd Andre Lim (DHMK)
3rd Jinny Lai (USyd)
3rd Jun Tang (ANUKC)
Congratulations to Jun for coming 3rd in the Kyu Individual!

Open Teams:
1st Sydney Kendo Club (SKC1)
2nd USyd Kendo Club (USyd1)

Fighting Spirit:
Jinny Lai (USyd)
Walter Chung (USyd)

A dinner of Burmese curries was enjoyed at the Canberra City Bowling Club on Saturday night, and a raffle drawn then $267, which will be used to purchase a beginners set of bogu for the fledgling Penom Phenh Kendo Club. Songie Song and Dwight Park (DHMK) won shinai, with Da-seul predicting the winning ticket! If anyone has gear they'd like to donate, contact Darren. We will be sending over a box of equipment soon.

A shimpan seminar was held on the Sunday morning, with sensies Joe Semmer, Michael Payne and Colin Minter advising the senior grades in an informal but very helpful session, while the junior grades participated as shiai-sha. A big thank you to all those who helped out as it was a club effort, and also to Sydney Sensei Michael Payne and Collin Minter for lending their expertise.

Demonstration for Marist College students, 9 September

In Nara Park, from 1:00-1:30pm, Brendon demonstrated Iaido kata, with Darren commentating. Darren and Brendon demonstrated basic kendo, culminating in shiai-geiko, with Sharyn commentating. At the end of the demonstration, some students were selected to execute a men-cut on Brendan and Darren.

Australian results at the 14th  World Kendo Championships

Competition commenced on August 28th, and the Australian kendo fraternity received regular updates thanks to Twitter. The Australian Team had (putatively) it's best ever result, with strong performances from all team members. Men's individuals: all members cleared their pools, Kirby made it to the quarter finals, acheiving a top 8 finish (the highest yet result for an Aussie) and a Fighting Spirit Award, and Stuart Bourke was a quarter-finalist (top 16). One of Kirby Smith's fights posted on YouTube thanks to Kendo-World.

Women's individual: Claire, Kate, Vivian and Chiaki demonstrated strong kendo, with Kate and Chiaki clearing their pools and finishining in Round 32, and Vivian acheiving a top 16 finish. Women's teams: Australia beat Sweden 3-2 with Kate delivering a great Taisho win; then beating Chinai convincingly to face Japan in the top 8. The team bow out to Japan but play strong kendo, with Kate drawing 1-1 in the taisho match, and wining a Fighting Spirit Award.

Men's teams: Australia won on points from Hawaii and Finland to face Korea round 16; they play tough matches but finish in the top 16. Full results here:

Congratulations also to Australian Team Coach, Brett Smith, Assistant Coach, Yuji Sano, Manager, James Saretta and all the men and women members of the Australian Kendo Team. All members displayed excellent kendo, their efforts and results are to be commended.

ANU Kendo Country Odessey

John Larkins, Phil Baker, Greg Wyncoll and Brendan Kee took a trip to country NSW for some training, and other country activities, such as shooting. Perhaps a follow-up trip will be arranged for those who missed out? ; )

ANU Open Day

On Saturday, August 29, Joe, Darren, Brendan and Ian Flint demonstrated from 9.30-10.15 on the upper grassed area in Union Court. Due to wet conditions, activities were restricted to kata. Apparently the VC timed his movements well, passing just as final rei was executed!

Founders Grading Results
Report by Darren Boyd

A big congratulations to the following people for successfully grading (and doing a damn good job of it, may we add) at Founders Cup. Ihntaek, Linda and Nathanael all double graded.

The seminars by Yuji Sano, Ted Rixon, Kirby and others in a round-robin format were interesting and well-received.


ANUKC member
Grade acheived

Charlie Brondolino

1 dan
Jun Tang
1 Kyu
Long Nguyen
1 Kyu
Liam Wilson
3 Kyu
Ihntaek Hwang
3 Kyu
Richard Schinteie
4 Kyu
Linda Xi
4 Kyu
Nathanael Semmler
5 kyu

Phnom Penh Kendo Club

Adam McNeil, who started Kendo at the ANU kendo club, is now posted in Cambodia, and has helped establish a club at Phnom Penh. They have received many enquiries since this article in the Phnom Pehn Post, and are looking for second-hand bogu to help the club grow. Best wishes to the new Phnom Penh Kendo Club!

Bek's Farewell

Bek has left us to go on the JET program in Japan for a year or so. Her last training was Tuesday 21st July. Bek started Kendo with the club, and it has been a pleasure to watch her grow in confidence and skill, attaining nidan at the 2009 Nationals. She was also awarded a half Blue for skill and exemplary conduct in the ideals of Kendo. She will be greatly missed during her absence and we know she will have a wonderful time and train hard in Japan. We look forward to her return to the club. All the best, Bek!

Visit by Ryuji Nakamura

Those who were around at the beginning of last year will remember the visit by Nakamura-san. He couldn't train with us due to blowing his achilles in Sydney. On Friday the 10th and Saturday the 11th of July Nakamura-san trained with the ANU kendo club, and we appreciate the opportunity this gave us to further our kendo.

ANU Blues Ceremony:
Peter McCullough Award to Darren Boyd

The ANU Blues awards ceremony was held on June 2nd, and one of the Peter McCullough Award recipients was our Secretary Darren Boyd. Darren was nominated for his outstanding, reliable and prolonged service to the club. Unfortunately, Darren was in Italy at the time of notification of the award, and it was collected by Sharyn on his behalf.


Dae Han Moodo Kwan (Burwood) Open Invitation Tournament (Burwood PCYC )

A small contingent competed at a very-well organised and highly competitive event on May 5th, at the PCYC. Although no club members placed, we benefited greatly from the high standard of competition (and tasty lunch-boxes). Charlie had a great match against Luke Lee, and Jess scored an exemplary men on the same.

Shiori's Farewell

Club members were lucky to have Shiori train with us, for about a year. Shiori's spirit inspired all members and we wish her well on her return to Japan, and hope that she'll train with us again one day.

34th Australian Kendo Championships, Adelaide, Saturday, 11th April - Sunday, 12th April 2009
Report by Darren Boyd

Nationals Results
The South Australian Kendo Association put on a great Nationals. ANUKC members represented the ACT.

Grading Results:
Brendan Kee 2nd Dan
Rebecca Marshall 2nd Dan
Sharyn Wragg 3rd Dan

Competition Results:
Charlie Brondolino placed 3rd in the Kyu Individual Competition.
Rebecca Marshall placed 3rd in Womens Individual Competition.

Sharyn & Bec were narrowly defeated by QLD in the semi of the kata comp (although the two 8th Dans watching commended them on their performance). Charlie, Brendan & Darren were soundly defeated by their second yiros on Sunday night.

WA won the Kyu & Open Teams events
Tani (WA) won the Open Individual
Viv Yung (NSW) won the Womens Individual.
Luke Lee (NSW) won the Kyu Individual
Nishimoto (NSW) won the Veterans
Tamura & Humphrey (QLD) won the Kata comp.

Darren received the John Butler Award.

AKR event record.


ANUKC at 2009 National Championships, Adelaide

Farewell Akio....

The very evening after the Sydney Kendo Club 3's Comp, Akio (AKA Captain Fabulous) left us to return to Japan. Before he left though, Akio accompanied members of various clubs involved in the competition to dinner and drinks. After a fair amount of talking, eating and drinking, it was time for people to go their separate ways. After farewells from those not accompanying him to the airport, Akio eventually climbed into the car and headed off.

Akio was a good friend, the club wishes him well and we look forward to seeing him again sometime in the future.

Sydney Kendo Club 3's Comp, Saturday, 28th March 2009
Report by Darren Boyd

Fifteen people from ANU competed at the inaugural Sydney Kendo Club 3's competition last Saturday. Out of our 5 teams, 3 made it past the first round, with 2 being eliminated in the second round. Our only team left was 'ANU A' or Team Akio, consisting of Charlie, Shiori and Akio. Team Akio cruised passed the semi-finals only to come up against SKC's 'Shandie Boys' (Luke Lee, Taira-san & Kato-san). Charlie dispatched the current Australian Kyu Champion 2-0, then they returned the favour (2-0) with Taira playing Shiori. It was all up Akio who then drew with Kato-san in a very, very, very tight match. Akio and Taira then played an ippon match to decide the winner with Taira scoring a hiki-men to defeat Team Akio. The assembled throng then mobbed Team Akio (in a dignified manner) once they left the Shiajo.

After Keiko, we retired to an establishment in Strathfield for a few 'refreshments' with members of SKC and UNSW.

Then it was off to the airport to farewell Akio as he was heading back to Japan.

ANU A (Team Akio):  Charlie Brondolino, Princess Shiori & Captain Fabulous (Akio)
ANU D                     Paul, Jess & John (lost in an ippon playoff with Johnathon Cross)
ANU E                     Nahid 'the destroyer', Bec 'the merciless' and the Kendo Panda (Phil)
ANU C                     InTaek, Sharyn & Martino
ANU B                     'Sonic' Jun and two people that vaguely resembled Brendan & Darren

Many thanks to Martino, Johnno, Bec & Charlie for doing the driving in what turned out to be a very long day.


Selection Weekend February 20-21

After a two and a half year campaign, Martino and Sharyn attended National Team Selection weekend. Both had some good performances, but unfortunately neither was selected for the team. However, Squad involvement was both beneficial to the individual in contributing to the performance of the squad.

Market Day Wednesday February 18th 2009

Many thanks to Linda, who organised our stall this year, with set-up support from Darren, Richard and Sharyn. Linda, Paul, Nahid, Richard and Gordy manned the stall, while Akio and Sharyn provided a demonstration.


February 7-8 2009

As always, the Picton week provided us with good training and great fun. The day started about 5:15am, with Picton being two and a half hours away. On hot weekend, all seven ACT kendoka candidates were successful in achieving their grading.

After a social evening at the Wirrimbirra Wildlife Sanctuary, supplimented by occasional howling of the new dingo residents, a small but keen contingent attended the seminars on the Sunday and gained a better understanding of the basics from the NSW sensei. Sharyn and Martino participated in the NSW squad and women's training.





ANUKC member
Grade acheived

John Larkings

2 dan
Charlie Brondolino
1 Kyu
Long Nguyen
2 Kyu
Liam Wilson
4 Kyu
Gordon Lau
4 Kyu
Paul Phillis
5 Kyu
Nahid Akbar
5 kyu



Training with Ona Sensei, Nagayama Sensei and Chida Sensei, 20-22 Jan 2009

ANU Kendo Club was fortunate to have Sensei delegation for the National Iaido Competition volunteer to train with the Kendo Club from the evening of 20 and 22nd. After some strong keiko session in which we were reminded of the importance of basics, we spent time at dojo number 2 (Civic pub), and in the sensei's apartment, sampling their spectacular curry. This visit was very enexpected, but very welcome, and we hope such an opportunity arises again!

  Iaido Sensei & ANUKC


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